Beauty Bar Mobile Makeup is Amazing to have on speed dial as myself and my daughter had NO IDEA how to apply makeup let alone do it ourselves lol so we really needed HELP!!!! Then on time and with suite cases of makeup in two arms and a pinched nerve in her back our fairy god makeup lady showed up “POOF” Sarah had arrived…..she looked at my daughter and her ball dress and worked her magic within 45mins, now time flew when Sarah was in her zone lol…..My daughter felt and looked stunning and she was over the moon with her new amazing ball look……Then came the hair 40mins “POOF” curls galore and my daughter had just bloomed into this new person hahahaha….She loved everything that Sarah did……..Thank you Sarah for working your magic wand over my daughter you were amazing and she felt and looked like a million bucks……keeping your number for emergency hahahahaha…….